In order to alleviate the condition of a patient suffering from benign paroxysmal vertigo, medication treatment can be used. It will help get rid of nausea and other unpleasant symptoms. If attacks recur frequently, the patient must remain in bed.
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In severe cases, surgery may be performed. It is used to fill the semicircular canal with bone chips. The surgical intervention method is used only in severe cases, as there is a risk of vermox pills. There is no specific drug treatment for BPH.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. causes, symptoms, treatment. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a balance disorder that is, firstly, transient - not permanent in nature, and secondly, it is always caused by a cause that does not pose an immediate threat to life, which is why the disorder is called benign.

For pathology to manifest, the body must occupy a certain position. A position occupied in the course of life involuntarily, or given to buy vermox online, for diagnostic purposes. And everyone has experienced paroxysmal positional vertigo at least once in their life. the hitherto horizontal floor under your feet begins to slowly or quickly tip over to one side, or turns into a swing. A little anatomy and physiology.

Benign positional vertigo has a favorable prognosis for recovery. BPPV is a safe disease and does not pose a threat to human life. What outwardly looks like a swaying picture before the eyes may be accompanied by a redistribution of cerebrospinal fluid within the cavities of the brain and is perceived by the pressoreceptors of the nervous system, but not clearly felt.

For direct perception of the position of the body in space, nature has created a labyrinth. Otoliths, with their slight weight, exert a certain pressure on the receiving device of the sense of balance analyzer - a section of specialized nerve cells, whose center is located in the cerebrum. Since there are three semicircular canals, we always know what position we are in. Otoliths report the movement of mebendazole pills up and down, right and left, back and forth. From the structure of the receiver of the balance organ, both the reasons for its failure and the symptoms of the condition emanating from them follow.


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    "Mechanics of the disease and its causes. With BPPV, a similar condition occurs when changing the position of the head or shaking it. Causes that can cause benign paroxysmal positional vertigo."

    Fran G.
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    "An attack of dizziness can also occur when you turn your head with a jerk, as if you were shouting sharply. The attacks are either single or occur repeatedly at equal intervals of time, the frequency ranging from several per week to several over the course of a day."

    John C.
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    "The peculiarities are the short duration of the attack, the absence of dizziness in a constant position, and the absence of other accompanying symptoms in BPPV. Diagnosis of the disorder. samples, research."

    Dora B.
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    "The patient, sitting with his head turned at an angle of 45В� towards the suspected pathology, is asked to byt mebendazole online his gaze on a point in the center of the examiner's face (on the nose). Then, holding him, he is sharply thrown onto his back, throwing his head back at an angle of 30В� while maintaining the same angle of rotation in the problematic direction."

    Ted C.
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    "The test is considered positive if after a few (1-5) seconds an attack of dizziness occurs, accompanied by rotatory nystagmus, oriented in the plane of the posterior semicircular canal. With a left-sided lesion, the nystagmus coincides with the clockwise direction, while with a right-sided lesion, it is directed counterclockwise. Nystagmus time is within 30 seconds, no more."

    Irwin S.